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EAPN UK: new issue of the Migrant Voice newspaper!

2012-uk-migrant-voiceThe new issue of Migrant Voice newspaper celebrates the success and contribution of migrants and their role in influencing life and culture in the UK, and shaping its future.

It tells the stories of many migrants, including Brits living abroad and of their hopes and aspirations.

Join the paper on a journey to the Balti Triangle in the heart of the nation's curry capital, Birmingham; follow the dreams of the British Olympic hopefuls such as Mo Farah and Tiffany Porter in the sports pages; find out how the Olympic flame sparks romance between Europe's royals and their future migrant partners; discover the new fashion talents in London and a strange but inspirational 'Kinetic theatre' in Glasgow.

This issue also investigate policy areas that impact on both migrants and the country, such as the cap on students' visas and the language tests for foreign spouses.

Migrant Voice would like to hear your thoughts and welcome your comments and suggestions, and would also like you to get involved in their work. www.migrantvoice.org