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Written Declaration on investing in children

2014 EU Alliance investing in ChildrenOn 7 September 11 Members of the European Parliament have launched an initiative at the European Parliament to collect signatures to support a Written Declaration on investing in children (number 0042/2015). The Written Declaration calls upon the European Commission to introduce specific indicators on children at risk of poverty; it also urges EU Member States to use EU funding to implement the Commission Recommendation ‘Investing in Children: Breaking the cycle of disadvantage’. The EU Alliance for Investing in Children, bringing together over 20 European networks including EAPN, is urging European parliamentarians to show their support to ending the cycle of disadvantage by signing the Written Declaration, which requires the signatures of over half of all MEPs from 7 September – 7 December 2015 to be published in the minutes of the European Parliament and forwarded to relevant EU institutions.


EAPN Awareness Raising Action on Decent / Living Wages

2015 EAPN Living Wage logoEnsuring quality of work and employment for all those who are able to work has always been a cornerstone of EAPN’s action in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. Get to know more about what quality work and quality employment are and what our members are doing!


Right2water CAMPAIGN | From the European Citizens Initiative to the Gloval Water Justice Campaign

The European Citizen Initiative Water is a Human Right was initiated and is coordinated by the European Public Services Union (EPSU), with 9 NGOs including EAPN. The campaign was also supported by many other organisations. This ECI gathered  1,884,790 signatures, succeeding to go over 1 million signatures to be received by the European Commission. The campaign is still running though, as the European COmmission has taken action despite the official receivability of the ECI. The ECI campaign is now over, but the campaign Water is a Human Right is also happening at global level, through various initiatives including Global Water Justice Campaign - Facebook: https://facebook.com/HRtoH2O and Twitter: @HRtoH2O.



Previous EAPN campaigns

EAPN has run several campaigns over the years. See here to see the EAPN's most recent past campaigns.