The AGS behind, the Semester ahead | Great success for the Semester Alliance Hearing in the EP

On 1 March 2016 – (9.30-12.30), Sergio Gutierrez Prieto (S&D) and Marian Harkin (ALDE), with the EU Alliance for a democratic, social and sustainable European Semester, hosted a very well-attended hearing The AGS behind, the Semester ahead, what proposals to make Europe 2020 more social, democratic and sustainable?  in the European Parliament. The Alliance presented its proposals on the AGS 2016 and its report on the Country-specific Recommendations with concrete key messages.

Council conclusions on the Annual Growth Survey

15/01/2016 – The Council discussed growth prospects and macroeconomic imbalances under the “European Semester”, the EU’s annual policy coordination process. It adopted conclusions, and approved a draft recommendation on the economic policies of the euro area. The policy priorities for 2016 are investment, structural reforms and responsible fiscal policies. Regarding macroeconomic imbalances, the Commission is due to publish in-depth reviews in February of the situation in 18 member states.


EAPN’s initial response to Annual Growth Survey | More social investment but where are social rights and standards?

Brussels, 30 November 2015 – As the European Commission finally adopted the Annual Growth Survey package (AGS 2016) last Thursday, Commissioner Thyssen promised to put “social fairness at the heart of our economic recovery. Member States need to overcome bottlenecks to job creation, improve the way labour markets work and make sure everybody in Europe can enjoy a decent level of social protection if we want to achieve more convergence.” However, the evidence of this new approach is not so clear, nor does the package contain any mention of the promised Social Pillar on rights and social standards.

EAPN’s Response to the Annual Growth Survey Package 2015

08/12/2014 – EAPN publishes its assessment of the 2015 Annual Growth Survey and and Draft Joint Employment Report “Fresh start or broken promises?” with a series of 6 key messages. EAPN’s assessment is sent today to the Ministers for Employment and Social Affairs ahead of their EPSCO meeting on 11 December, where they will discuss progress on the Europe 2020 Strategy and the Mid-Term Review.

Annual Growth Survey 2015: A Fatal Blow to the 124 million living in poverty!

Brussels, 01/12/2014 – On the 28 November the European Commission endorsed the 2015 Annual Growth Survey package. This new AGS sets out the new Commission’s 3 priorities for the coming cycle: A coordinated boost to investment, a renewed commitment to structural reforms and pursuing fiscal responsibility. This new agenda is an attempt to temper the austerity drive with a boost for growth – but it gives no clear signs of how this will be made inclusive or deliver on poverty. EAPN will be considering the package and its impact on poverty over the next days with its members.