The 2016 ISSA Conference: Early Childhood in Times of Rapid Change

The International Step by Step Association is organizing its 2016 Conference, which will explore the impact of the current economic, demographic and technological changes on the lives of children, families and practitioners, and will investigate ways to adequately meet the needs of our youngest citizens. ISSA’s conference is a meeting point for practitioners, policy makers,…

2014 EU Alliance investing in Children

EAPN mobilises to get MEPs to sign Written Declaration on Investing in Children

EAPN members are contributing to the the EU Alliance’s efforts to gather signatures of the Written Declaration on Investing in Children from at least half of the Members of the European Parliament (i.e. 376 members) by the 7th December 2015 and to raise public awareness about the campaign. To name a few: in the context of the Cypriot Children’s Week 2015, EAPN Cyprus is organizing an event on 21st November (in co-organisation with the PCCPWC, Pancyprian Coordinating Committee for the Protection and Welfare of Children) when which 6 MEPs from Cyprus will be invited to sign the Declaration; EAPN Estonia, Germany, Portugal, Malta and Netherlands also sent requests for signatures to the MEPs of their countries and/or are raising the visibility of the campaign through their communication channels.