Youth Partnership Symposium ‘(Un)Equal Europe? Responses from the youth sector’

The Symposium ‘(Un)Equal Europe? Responses from the youth sector’ will take place in Budapest to explore the range of social, geographic and economic inequalities that young people face in today’s Europe and develop solutions through a dialogue between practitioners, researchers and policy makers. The event will also highlight some of the personal experiences of individuals…


EAPN calls for comprehensive youth inclusion strategies beyond employment

29/01/2016 – EAPN attended a stakeholder dialogue meeting organised by DG Employment on the topic of the Youth Guarantee, the Youth Employment Initiative, and the European Alliance for Apprenticeships. The European Commission provided an update of the state of play and next steps, and discussants from the European Youth Forum and Eurocities presented the civil society and local authorities perspective. In the ensuing debate, EAPN made important points about the need for comprehensive youth inclusion strategies beyond employment, which include adequate income support, access to services (particularly housing), personalised, pathway support towards quality and sustainable employment, as well as full ownership by young people of their inclusion strategies, and meaningful engagement of civil society organisations in the process. Without such a comprehensive approach, the initiatives will not reach vulnerable youth who are facing multiple obstacles, which would mean a creaming effect, leaving the most disenfranchised behind.