EAPN reports on the First Annual Convention of the Platform Against Poverty

EAPN is now in the process of making the evaluation of the First Annual Convention of the European Platform Against Poverty, held on the 17th October in Krakow. The network had sent its messages to the Annual Convention on Friday 14 October, calling for the Convention to push for urgent action to prevent the Europe 2020 Strategy increasing poverty. EAPN participated along with over 40 national and European-Organisation members and people experiencing poverty, invited by their national delegations.

Active Inclusion: Making It Happen!

15/09/2011 – EAPN’s booklet on Active Inclusion explores the reality of the European Commission’s Active Inclusion Strategy, showing progress on implementation so far, highlighting good and bad practices and signposting key elements to making the strategy work at national and EU levels. EAPN’s new booklet Active Inclusion: Making It Happen – Policy into Practice has…