Press release: Social Europe: Four key questions for EU Prime Ministers

Brussels, 11 March 2008 – In a letter sent today to EU Prime Ministers ahead of the European Spring Council due to take place on 13-14 March, the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN) raises questions about whether Member States will strengthen their cooperation to address growing inequalities and seriously tackle the unacceptable high levels of poverty in the EU. EAPN asks the forthcoming Spring Council to give clear answers to four key questions.

Press release: Potential new impetus for Social Europe: EAPN responds to Commission’s Active Inclusion consultation

Brussels, 28 February 2008 – In its response to the Commission’s consultation on Active Inclusion ending today, the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN) strongly confirms its support for the Commission’s initiative.  EAPN calls on the Member States of the EU to adopt under the French Presidency active inclusion principles which respect the integrity of the active inclusion package and recognises that adequate income and access to quality services are a prerequisite to successful employment and social integration.

EAPN’s reaction to the Commission proposals regarding the joint employment report 2008 and the 2008-2010 employment guidelines

The present paper focuses on a more detailed reading of pieces of the ‘employment part’ of the Lisbon package, the European Employment Strategy (ie the draft Joint Employment Report and the proposals for new guidelines), and assesses to what extent our social inclusion concerns have been taken into consideration.

EAPN Response to Guidance for the Strategic Reports 2008-11

This new Guidance note therefore sets out to provide the guidelines for member states and stakeholders on the objectives and process for the new cycle in the development of the National Strategic Reports (2008-11) and its relationship to the Lisbon National Reform Programmes (2008-11). In its response to the guidance note for the Strategic Reports 2008-11, EAPN would like to highlight its satisfaction, but insists it would have liked more time for consultation.