EESC should go back to basics and promote European integration, says its President Georges Dassis

13/11/2015 (Agence Europe) – The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) should go back to its primary role, namely expressing the views of civil society and advising the other European institutions on the best ways of encouraging European integration, which could include drawing up a plinth of European social rights, as desired by the European Commission.

Semester Alliance holds Stakeholder Meeting with invited Guests

On 27 November 2015, the EU Alliance for a democratic, social and sustainable European Semester (EU Semester Alliance) will hold a stakeholder meeting in dialogue with key representatives from the European Commission and the Council of Ministers who are engaged in the Semester process: Michele Calandrino, Policy Officer from Directorate D, Policy Coordination 1: Europe 2020, European Semester and Economic Governance, in  DG Secretariat General  and Muriel Rabau, SPC member for Belgium and Vice Chair of the SPC Bureau.  The purpose of the meeting is to establish a regular dialogue between the EU institutions and representatives of the 16 member organizations  of the Alliance (see below) with key officials on the occasion of the launch of the  Annual Growth Survey 2016.