PEP Preparation Meeting | EAPN Ireland 

The 2nd PEP Preparation Meeting of EAPN Ireland took place on 19th September 2018. Since the topic of this year’s meeting is Poverty and Access to Education, the discussion focused on education experienced at the local level. The main issues discussed during this preparatory meeting were: education as a key role in deciding life chances, psychological and physical well-being, the importance of cultural recognition in preventing alienation of travelers, migrants, and working-class participation in education. Furthermore, social and political education was recognized as an important function of education. In order to develop a critical perspective, it is vital to play an active role in decision making and policy change. Finally, it was agreed that participants will bring the conclusions of the discussion back to their groups to discuss and clarify the key points in relation to their personal experiences.

The next Preparation meeting will take place on 31th of October.


PEP Preparation Meeting | EAPN UK

The meeting was the first of the series in the national preparation for the EU meeting of people with experience of poverty that will take place in Brussels in November 2018. In discussing the topic about Poverty and access to Education, the Poverty Alliance focused on the Cost of The School Day in Scotland which is a national programme that is currently coordinated by Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG). The cost of the school day discussion identified the following issues: cost of travel to school, access to healthy school meals, extra-curricular activities, access to technology and internet, cost of hygiene products, school trips, tackling school holiday hunger and access to after school child care services.

PEP Preparation Meeting | EAPN Portugal

The Portuguese delegation worked on different questions in order to join the discussion at the EU meeting of people with experience of poverty in Brussels. The main issues faced during the preparatory meeting were: education systemintegration into the labor market, promotion of awareness and the exercise of active citizenship and economic difficulties to pursue the studies. Here below you can find a nice picture of their preparation.