EAPN as part of Adhoc Group of Social Networks present Roadmap for driving implementation on Child Poverty and Well-being

01/02 – An Adhoc group (ATD 4th World, Caritas Europa, Coface, Eurochild, EAPN, Eurodaconia, European Social Network, PICUM) sent a letter to Commissioner Andor, presenting joint proposals for a roadmap to drive more effective implementation of the up-coming Recommendation on Child Poverty and Well-being, by engaging all actors – at EU, national and local levels. 


EAPN contributes to Conference of the European Economic and Social Union (EESC) and the European Movement

01/02 – The EESC and the European Movement held a joint conference in Dublin on 1 February under the title “Ireland 40 Years On: the benefits, opportunities and challenges of EU Membership”.  EAPN was asked to contribute to a panel “Ireland as an example of how to cope with the challenges posed by the financial crisis”.