Landless Indian Movement leader Rajagopal in Brussels

03/12 – About 200 people attended the meeting with Rajagopal, a leader of the Ekta Parishad Landless People’s Movement, who had an exchange with the audience to tell about the “March of the Landless” for a land reform in India which ended in early October, as a 10-point agreement was signed with the representatives of the Indian Government. A representative of FIAN, an NGO fighting hunger with Human Rights , also spoke. This meeting was supported by EAPN, amongst other organisations.


EAPN speaks in EPHA event: Child Poverty, Health and Well-being

04/12 – EAPN spoke in a civil society panel in this key event organized by the European Public Health Alliance in the European Parliament. The event aimed to help the implementation of the up-coming Recommendation on Child Poverty – moving from rhetoric to action. A key message was that the relationship between child poverty, health and well-being needs to be reinforced, particularly the need to invest in prevention of child poverty through universal services, and social protection, as well as targeted action to ensure access to health services.  EAPN provide specific input on the challenges/solutions to implementation through Europe 2020, based on its engagement in the NRPs and NSRs.


EAPN Participates in DG Employment’s Conference on Social Innovation and Social Policy Experimentation

26/11, Brussels – This conference aimed to provide an exchange between policy makers and practitioners on how to best shape EU support to social innovation in the context of the Social Investment Package for Growth and Cohesion. It raised a debate on what is social innovation, how far it is an agenda for promoting better social policy and practice, particularly drawing on grass-roots practice and actors, or merely an instrument to privatize social services, at a time of austerity.


Recovery needs a real social package and a golden rule!

2012 Annual Convention on Poverty:

EAPN calls on EU leaders to face the real causes of the crisis and bring the real solutions – send a sign of real political commitment!

Brussels, 11 December 2012 – From 5 to 7 December, EAPN attended the 2nd Annual Convention of the European Platform Against Poverty in Brussels, which meant to assess the progress made on the poverty-reduction target set by the Europe 2020 Strategy. 


EAPN’s key messages to the Annual Convention on Poverty – EU is failing both on Poverty and Democracy

EAPN’s key messages to the Annual Convention on Poverty

We call on a coherent anti-poverty strategy and process, at the heart of Europe 2020

Brussels, 3rd December 2012 – On 5-7th December, the 2nd Annual Convention of the European Platform Against Poverty will take place in Brussels. The Convention will assess progress on the target set by the Europe 2020 Strategy to reduce poverty and social exclusion by at least 20 million by 2020.