EAPN participates in ETUC/ETUI conference: From uneconomic growth to future well-being

15-16/10 – This joint Trade Union conference provided evidence and debate on the crisis of the GDP-led growth model, and the role of public services in maximizing well-being and reducing inequalities.EAPN made interventions on the need to invest in adequate minimum income as well as public services, and the role of poverty as a key social determinant of health.


From Nobel Prize to ACTION: EAPN calls on EU leaders to deliver on their commitments

Brussels, 15 October 2012 – The award of the Nobel Prize to the European Union for its contribution to peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights is, as President Barroso said, “a message of hope and confidence in the EU at a time when the EU faces a great challenge”. A great challenge indeed, as the EU’s response to the crisis attests to a three-fold failure: EU leaders have failed to deliver on its promises on poverty reduction, have in fact generated more poverty by ‘austerity-only’ driven policies, and neglected democratic fundamental principles. In its letter sent today to EU Prime Ministers and Heads of State ahead of the Council Meeting on 18 and 19 October, where they will discuss next steps on the future of the Economic and Monetary Union, EAPN urges EU Leaders to demonstrate their commitment to a Social Union and to the safeguarding of democracy.

On 16 October, EAPN sent another letter to the Presidents of the EU, urging them to create a special fund to support organisations fighting poverty, exclusion and inequality.



Training and capacity building

A task force on training and capacity building in EAPN which will identify member needs, map out the expertise that members can provide, work out an EAPN training agenda and a peer training and capacity building programme for EAPN members within the framework of the Strategic Plan. Meeting 8 April 2014 Agenda Minutes Renewed training…