BAPN (EAPN Belgium) : “Prosperity is a right for all – Stop poverty and inequalities!”

13/09/2012 – BAPN, regional anti-poverty networks, trade unions, mutual societies and other civil-society actors gather within a national Platform for a national demonstration on 30th September in Brussels, to urge the federal Government to respond to crucial claims with regard to employment, income, pensions and social services & rights. Access website in French and Dutch.

EAPN participates in conference on political representation – Working Paper Interdisciplinary Views on Political Representation in the EU

Sian Jones, Policy Coordinator for EAPN, participated in a conference on political representation in Exeter on 24-26 May 2012, held by the European Institute of the University of Exeter. All participants gave input on 4 main questions, compiled in the following working paper: Interdisciplinary Views on Political Representation in the EU. (Sian Jones input from…


EAPN’s core demands well reflected in in its input from 2012 in new SPC report on Tackling child poverty and promoting child well-being

The new SPC report on Tackling child poverty and promoting child well-being was adopted on 27 June. The annex of the report includes the summary of stakeholder consultation, including EAPN’s. This will form the basis of the Communication and the Recommendation on Child Poverty due out by the end of the year. EAPN’s core demands in its input from 2012, are well reflected, particularly in an increased focus on adequate income support – including access to quality jobs and social protection/social security “considering the different costs related to different age ranges and complementing income support through in-kind benefits e.g. childcare, health, housing, etc. including ‘maintaining an appropriate balance between universal policies and targeted approaches’.


EAPN learning forum

GET ORGANISED: Strengthening our base and the impact of our action A space for member-led learning, exchange and development co-organised with Dignity International EAPN’s Learning Forum: 21-25 May, Laulasmaa, Estonia Under the 2012-2014 Strategic Plan, EAPN decided to organise an EAPN Learning Forum in 2013. The Learning Forum was an open member-led meeting addressing core…



This section refers to all the relevant information related to our campaigns.  PAST CAMPAIGNS Electing Champions for a Social Europe! (2013-2014) The overall goal of this campaign was to impact on the European elections by getting the support and commitment of candidates numerous enough to make a change, pressuring for a shift back to a…