EAPN on TV show “C’est ça l’Europe?!”

C’est ça l’Europe?! (Is that Europe ?!), a TV show co-produced by RTBF (Belgian French-speaking main TV and radio channel) and TV5World, features EAPN as a non-governmental organization aiming, along with its members, to take part in shaping European and national politics; a totally different type of “lobbying”, far away from industrial lobbies. Sergio Aires, President of EAPN and Geneviève, a person experiencing poverty active in the Belgian Anti-Poverty Network (BAPN) addresses directly Martin Schulz, the President of the European Parliament.


We must safeguard democracy: EAPN conference gives clear message that the fight against poverty is part of a bigger fight to safeguard democracy

Brussels, 02 October 2012 – Over 200 stakeholders debated with EU decision-makers at EAPN’s policy conference last Friday 28 Sept: Is Europe 2020 delivering on poverty? on the EU’s role and achievement in reducing poverty, on the consequences of austerity policies and on the malfunctioning of stakeholder participation in decision-making. 


EAPN commemorates International Day for the Eradication of Poverty – National news!

  • EAPN Portugal: a full agenda of activities from 10 to 27 Oct! and the IVth Meeting of People experiencing poverty on employability this year
  • EAPN Spain and the Alliance against Poverty: Cuts generate poverty – Stand against it!
  • EAPN Luxembourg: a large event on 17 October, Fighting the violence and poverty and committing for peace
  • BAPN (EAPN Belgium): 30/09 demonstration “Prosperity is a right for all – Stop poverty and inequalities!”
  • Dynamo International, along with BAPN (EAPN Belgium) and RWLP (EAPN Wallonia): Conference and debate on 16/10 in the European Parliament on Roma populations in Europe 
  • EAPN Germany: report on poverty and press conference at Bahnof Zoo

Is Europe 2020 delivering on poverty? interview with Sian Jones, EAPN policy coordinator

23/09/12 – Sian Jones, EAPN’s policy coordinator co-organising EAPN’s 2012 annual conference “Is Europe 2020 delivering on poverty?”, explains why it is crucial that the EU changes tack NOW. Europe is in crisis, but European Governments continue to implement austerity measures as the only solution to solve it. EU leaders have a key role in this, as they keep pressing Governments to apply them. Austerity measures, which have a direct impact on poverty: cuts on services, benefits, on the quality of jobs, undermine any kind of recovery and push more and more people into poverty and extreme poverty. The situation is appalling and needs a change of tack, NOW.


Tribute to Göran Larsson

In July we heard the sad news that our friend and colleague Goran Larsson passed away in the presence of his wife and family. EAPN members and secretariat would like to pay the following tributes to Goran and to pass on our sympathies to his wife, family and friends.

As Director of EAPN I had the privilege to get to know Goran. I highly appreciated his supportive presence, his great sense of humour and his absolute commitment to fighting poverty.  He will be missed by many. Goran was a member of the EAPN European level Executive Committee on behalf of the Salvation Army from 1998 to 2012.