Minimum Income Framework Directive | EAPN letter to Commissioner Schmit

Following the recently adopted EPSCO Council Conclusions on ”Strengthening Minimum Income Protection to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion in the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond”, we wrote a letter to Commissioner Schmit asking him to show strong leadership and respond to the Conclusions by making an ambitious proposal for an EU Framework Directive to guarantee an…

EAPN Expert Study On Minimum Income EU Framework Cover

Expert Study on a Binding EU Framework on Adequate National Minimum Income Schemes | A. Van Lancker, A. Aranguiz, H. Verschueren

EAPN and EMIN have repeatedly called for a Framework DIrective on Minimum Income, as well as the ETUC, EESC, Social Platform, Eurodiaconia and Caritas Europa, to name a few. There is new and compelling evidence that there is a strong legal and policy basis for introducing a binding EU framework for adequate national minimum income…

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Adequate Minimum Income for All – The Time for EU Action is Now! | EAPN op-ed

On the occasion of the German Presidency Council Conclusions published this Monday 12 October, EAPN releases its statement on the vital need for EU Action on adequate Minimum Income. Poverty and inequality are rising again with the COVID-19 pandemic which has deepened existing inequalities (see EAPN COVID-19 report). Certain groups were always disproportionately at risk…

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EAPN Position Paper on Adequate Income | Summary document on Minimum Income

In May 2020 EAPN issued a Position Paper on Adequate Income. It presents and updates EAPN’s priorities, proposals and demands in view of adequate income, covering both adequate minimum income (MI) and fair minimum wages (MW), including living wages, largely building upon earlier policy work by EAPN and the EMIN Network. This summary document presents…


EAPN Key messages on the European Green Deal and the “Just Transition” | EAPN Reflection Paper

On 11 December 2019, the new Commission launched its proposals to launch a radical European Green Deal as the ‘new Green strategy for Growth and Jobs’, complemented by a Just Transition Mechanism and a Communication building a ‘strong social Europe for Just Transitions’. President Von der Leyen confirmed that the Green Deal must ‘leave nobody…


Conference Our Social Europe – Strong Together | Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union

EAPN took an active part in the conference “Our Social Europe – Strong Together” on 16 September 2020. This conference, organised by the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs under their presidency of the Council of the European Union was an opportunity to discuss: How can we use social and employment policy but…


The impact of Covid-19 on people experiencing poverty and vulnerability | EAPN Report

On 14 July, EAPN presented its detailed research into the Covid-19 crisis and its impact on people experiencing poverty and vulnerability at its conference How to ensure the poor don’t pay for Covid-19 – From short-term response to an effective rights-based integrated antipoverty strategy. The study was conducted by Graciela Malgesini, Co-Chair of the EAPN…


EAPN Assessment of the 2020 Country-Specific Recommendations | Position Paper

On 20 May, the College of Commissioners adopted the European Commission’s Spring Package, including Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs) for 28 Member States surveillance reports for Greece, Cyprus, and Spain. The 2020 CSRs were expected to reflect the ‘new’ direction of the Annual Sustainable Growth Survey, “promoting competitive sustainability to build economy that works for people and…