EAPN 2018 Future Of Europe Position Cover

The Future of Europe | EAPN contribution to the Discussion on The Future of Europe

The Euro crisis, austerity policies, BREXIT and the refuge/immigration crisis, among other factors, have led to the EU’s work model, its viability and the future of Europe being questioned by Eurosceptic or Europhobic parties. Nearly half of citizens do not trust the European institutions, and people also show low levels of confidence in their own…

2018 EAPN position Social Fairness package cover image

Making a difference to people in poverty? | EAPN Response to the Social Fairness Package 2018

EAPN presents its members’ response to the Social Fairness Package, Making a difference for people in poverty? Described as ‘the last major social initiative of the Juncker Commission’, it should be a next step in the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights. The main elements of this Package are: an overarching Communication about…


Assist2gether | Energy Poverty Project

In recent years, energy users have gained more rights with the transposition of relevant European energy legislation. There is nevertheless the recognition that consumers’ rights (with special reference to vulnerable consumers and energy poor) need to be further strengthened, and that the increasing market complexity needs to be addressed through concrete solutions to improve levels…

EAPN 2018 CSRs Position Cover

More Audacity to fight Poverty and ensure Social Rights! | EAPN Assessment of the 2018 Country-Specific Recommendations

EAPN presents its members’ assessment of the 2018 Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs): More Audacity to Fight Poverty & Ensure Social Rights! On the 23rd May 2018, the European Commission adopted the 2018 Country-Specific Recommendations and published a Communication. The European Pillar of Social Rights is clearly visible, highlighting key ‘social challenges’; the results for social rights is not…

2018 Future Of Work Analysis Cover EAPN

The Future of Work | Labour market trends and their implications for risks of poverty and social exclusion

EAPN presents its members’ analysis of the future of work – labour market trends and their implications for risks of poverty and social exclusion. The world of work is rapidly changing, and the recent economic and financial crisis as well as its aftermath, have rendered these changes more visible. Current research tends to emphasize the…


EAPN is looking for two interns!

Do you have a solid background in Communication and Administration work, as well as a passion for fighting poverty and social exclusion and building a better, more inclusive Europe? Come and join our team at the European Anti-Poverty Network! We are looking for a Communication and Administration intern. See here for a full descriptions of…