EAPN participates in the 2010 European year launch event of the Social Inclusion Regional Group of the North East England Office

On 23 February, the Social Inclusion Regional Group will have its launch event of the 2010 established in response to the European Union’s initiative to name 2010 the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion. Pauline Geoghegan, coordinator of the 2010 Coalition of Social NGOs for the European Year, will present the Coalition and its demands for concrete outcomes of 2010…

EAPN Italy: participation of people experiencing poverty

Within the European project “Europa s.p.a.” a new meeting on participation and people experiencing poverty was held in Bologna, on 28 January. The event gathered people in poverty, community organizers, social operators and local authorities to discuss how the expertise of people experiencing poverty may sustain the OMC/inclusion and the fight against poverty and social…