Press release: EU 2010 Year against poverty and social exclusion: EAPN puts forward concrete proposals in order to ensure a lasting legacy capable of delivering a decent life for all

Brussels, 30 September 2008 – The EU 2010 Year for combating poverty and social exclusion must be a catalyst to step up a gear in the fight against poverty and to ensure a decent life for all. This is the main message that came out of the EAPN’s General Assembly (25-27 September, Bulgaria)…


EAPN releases response and proposals for Reinforcing the Open Method of coordination

On 16 September, EAPN published its response to the European Commission’s Communication on Reinforcing the OMC which was included in the renewed social agenda package that the Commission presented on 2 July. EAPN is consulting with its members on the overall renewed social agenda package and is responding separately. Download the EAPN response: "A Stronger OMC, but not enough to make the difference! "