AGS 2019: Increase in social rights and participation but more needed to rebalance economic and social goals!

Today the European Commission adopted the Annual Growth Survey 2019 (AGS) as part of the Autumn Package. EAPN is actively engaging in the ‘European Semester,’ at EU and national level, as the main EU process for economic and social coordination in order to achieve a reduction in poverty, social exclusion and to implement the Pillar…


Final declaration of European Movement – Italy for a democratic, united and inclusive Europe | CILAP EAPN Italy

CILAP EAPN ITALIA is a member of the European Movement and the CILAP President, Nicoletta Teodosi, was elected to the European Presidency’s office in the last assembly. The Final Declaration of the movement has been presented on 16th of November. Starting from an analysis of the main economic, political and social issues in the country,…


The 17th European Meeting of People Experiencing Poverty is about to start !

On 7 and 8 November 2018, the 17th European Meeting of People Experiencing Poverty (PeP) is taking place in Brussels. The Meeting, organised by the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) with the support of the EU Commission and the EAPN Fund, and with the participation of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union,…


Capacity Building: EAPN Basic Training, 27 September 2018, Vienna

Specific objectives: To build common a common understanding among participants on EAPN’s campaign around European Parliament (EP) election To consolidate participants knowledge on the EP elections campaign; To enable participants to gain skills, awareness and confidence to campaign on EP elections To support participants to develop specific campaign actions that they will implement their own…


First Meeting of the European Vulnerable Consumers Steering Committee

As part of its policy orientation work within the ASSIST2GETHER project, EAPN organises on Monday, 22nd of October the first meeting of the European Vulnerable Consumers Steering Committee (VCSC).  The main objectives of the meeting are: Share the project results and raise awareness on the project activities; Discuss the state of the art on legislation and policies impacting on energy…


Make participation a driver for social rights | EAPN assessment of 2018 National Reform Programmes

EAPN presents its assessment of the 2018 National Reform Programmes in terms of poverty: Make participation a driver for social rights. This Report provides a synthesis of EAPN members’ assessment of their 2018 National Reform Programmes. It considers how far Member States have pursued policies which contribute to key social targets of Europe 2020 (poverty, employment and…