Eapnconf Key Messages

Key messages from EAPN’s 2017 conference: Learning from the past to beyond 2020 – What EU strategy to fight poverty, social exclusion & inequality?

EAPN presents its members’ Key Messages from the 2017 policy conference: Learning from the past to beyond 2020: What EU strategy to fight poverty, social exclusion & inequality? On 15 June, the conference exchanged on the crucial questions of What integrated strategy should the EU propose to effectively fight poverty? and how should this strategy be mainstreamed into…


New study about indebtedness in Lithuania and its effect on the poor

The Lithuanian National Anti-Poverty Network in collaboration with Vilnius University has conducted a study on the problem of the forcible collection of debts by bailiffs from the perspective of indebted people and the specialists who work with them. The study is particularly relevant since it highlights the effect of enforced debt recoveries on the poor. As a matter of…


#On Our Watch EU: assessing the work of the European Parliament since 2014

What are the achievements of the European Parliament in the fight against social exclusion, poverty and discrimination? Have the MEPs kept their promises and made some progress since their election in 2014? In 2013- 2014 the EAPN launched the campaign Electing Champions for a Social Europe to encourage political candidates in the European parliamentary elections…

anti roma-discrimination campaign image

therighttobeanythingwewant | Portuguese-wide anti Roma-discrimination campaign developed with EAPN Portugal

EAPN Portugal, in partnership with the State Secretariat for Citizenship and Equality, is currently promoting an anti-discrimination Campaign on Roma Communities #direitoaseroquequiserem (therighttobeanythingwewant).  This Campaign was launched on the 24th of June – “Roma Communities National Day” and its main aim is to seek to positively influence the social perception of Roma Communities among the…