Launch the EMIN 2: In the follow-up of EMIN 1 (2013-2014), EAPN coordinated the second phase of the European Minimum Income Network, EMIN 2, for the period 2017-2018. The overall aim of EMIN 2 project was the progressive realisation of the right to adequate, accessible and enabling Minimum Income Schemes for people of working age.…


Last Chance for Social Europe: Going forward together? | EAPN Statement

 The Commission’s high-profile conference on the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) took place on Monday involving over 600 participants, and a range of high-level speakers including President Juncker, Commissioner Thyssen, and the new President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani who gave his first speech there. The conference appeared to be aimed at feeding…


Nobody left behind | EAPN Booklet on Services

EAPN publishes its new booklet “Nobody left behind | Ensuring access for all to affordable, quality housing & public health services”. EAPN members are increasingly alarmed about the declining access to affordable, quality public services (Services of General Interest) for ordinary people, in the context of increasing privatization and liberalization. With the onset of the…


The European Semester must become a strong, democratic instrument that can build a better Social Europe and a European Union worth fighting for

On Thursday 12 January, EAPN (European Anti-Poverty Network) and Sergio Gutiérrez Prieto (MEP, S&D) jointly hosted a seminar in the European Parliament: Can the Semester help build a better Social Europe? The seminar aimed to review how well the European Semester is working in terms of its delivery on social rights, poverty and participation and…


Delivering on the Promises of a better Social Europe? | EAPN’s Analysis of the 2017 Annual Growth Survey & Joint Employment Report

15/12/2016 – EAPN presents its Analysis of the 2017 Annual Growth Survey and Joint Employment Report. This follows EAPN’s letter to President Juncker presenting EAPN’s proposals for the AGS 2017, which were based on our members’ review of the Semester and the NRPs 2016. Although the main message from the AGS 2017 is the importance of strengthening competitiveness, innovation…


EAPN welcomes new Director Leo Williams

EAPN is very pleased to welcome the new Director, Leo Williams. Leo will start working for EAPN as the Director on 9 January. Fintan Farrell, Acting Director will continue to work for EAPN as Project Manager. EAPN wishes to thank Fintan Farrell for all the dedication, commitment and great work done!       Leo Williams,…