Seminar hosted in the European Parliament: Can the Semester help build a better Social Europe?

The event Can the Semester help build a better Social Europe? is jointly hosted by the European Anti-Poverty Network with Sergio Gutiérrez Prieto (MEP, S&D). The seminar aims to review how well the European Semester and Europe 2020 is working in terms of its delivery on social rights, poverty and participation and to debate what changes…


Concrete actions to tackle poverty and rising inequality based on social rights are necessary to ensure AGS 2017 delivers on signs of hope | Letter to the EPSCO Council

At the EPSCO meeting on the 8-9 December, the Social Ministers will discuss their first response to the 2017 Annual Growth Survey, in the context of the upcoming European Pillar of Social Rights. EAPN wrote a letter to the EPSCO Council to highlight our key concerns regarding this topic. In this letter, EAPN calls on Social Ministers to…


Children cannot wait: 7 priority actions to protect all refugee and migrant children | Joint statement from 78 organisations

78 organisations active in the field of children’s rights strongly welcome that this year’s European Forum on the Rights of the Child focuses on protecting children in migration. Children represent a significant proportion of migrants and refugees. At least 1 in 3 people arriving to Greece by sea in 2016 were children. In the same year, the…