EAPN inputs to Commission Structured Dialogue on the Social Pillar

Fintan Farrell, Acting Director of EAPN, made an input to the European Commission’s structured dialogue session on the ‘future of work and welfare’ in the context of the debate about the European Social Pillar. The main argument: Fighting for more equity between and within the EU Member States should be the major project of the EU. Inputs…

SDG Goals

EAPN Participates in the EESC conference “Next steps for a sustainable European future – Reforming Europe, implementing SDGs”

On 7 July EAPN participated in the EESC conference “Next steps for a sustainable European future – Reforming Europe, implementing SDGs” opened by the Commission’s First Vice-President Timmermans. The event came as a response to the adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 by the United Nations to define next steps for a sustainable European future…


Task Force on Poverty and Human Rights

This Task Force comes under both Objective 1.2 and Objective 2.2 of the EAPN Strategic Plan. Objective 1.1: EAPN will work to ensure that the Europe 2020 Strategy, the Platform against Poverty and the Social Inclusion strategy (Social OMC) deliver progress to effectively mainstream social concerns and to reduce poverty and inequality. Objective 1.2: EAPN…


EU-Canada trade deal to be applied before national parliaments can vote

Friends of the Earth Europe, European Public Services Union, European Anti-Poverty Network – Press release,Brussels, July 5th – the European Commission today proposed the provisional application of the free trade deal between the EU and Canada (the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement – CETA). That means the agreement would be applied before national parliaments have…


The European Policy Centre publishes its new Publication “Europe and the refugees: a crisis of values” by Juliane Schmidt

In light of World Refugee Day, Juliane Schmidt takes stock of the EU’s approach to the current refugee crisis and how it’s affecting the Union’s cohesion and image. Unfortunately, until now, the EU and its member states have failed to come up with a common approach to find a solution for the increased number of…


Council Conclusions on ‘Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion: an Integrated Approach’

The Council calls on the Commission and the Member States to develop an integrated approach to combat poverty and social exclusion by combining adequate income support, access to quality services and inclusive labour markets, while ensuring equal opportunities for women and men. This is stated in the Conclusions on ‘Combating poverty and social exclusion: an…