The Child Guarantee, a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fight child poverty

On 20 June, Child Guarantee National Coordinators met in Brussels to discuss the implementation of the European Child Guarantee. In a joint statement by EU Alliance for Investing in Children, we analyse the latest development of this timely instrument and provide recommendations to ensure its success. The Child Guarantee is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fight…

Position Paper_EAPN's Reaction To The European Semester Autumn Package

EAPN reacts to the European Semester Autumn Package

The European Semester continues to frame the recovery in terms of economic stability, productivity, competitiveness and free movement of goods and services in the single market, underpinned by weak social components and indicators. Moreover, the Recovery plans have centred GDP and economic growth as the main measures of progress and a healthy economy. This approach…

PEP2022 report cover image

2022PEP | The Unbearable Cost of Living

The 2022 PeP Meeting took place on 29 and 30 November, at a crucial time as the turmoil facing Europe had worsened already existing social injustices and contributed to an unbearably high cost of living. Under the title ‘The unbearable cost of living’ the event brought together 175+ participants, including national delegations of people experiencing…

EAPN 2022 Poverty Watch cover image

EAPN EU 2022 Poverty Watch

This EU Poverty Watch report captures the main findings, messages and recommendations from 24 national Poverty Watches produced by our members. These reports start from the reality of people experiencing poverty and the perspectives of the NGOs that work with them. They aim to monitor key trends and policy, raise awareness about the reality for people experiencing poverty and…


Minimum Income Council Recommendation: Not Enough To Fight Poverty

Minimum Income Schemes (MIS) are an essential, integral part of universal social protection schemes and a comprehensive, rights-based, person-centred active inclusion approach that ensures adequate income. They are crucial in multidimensional integrated anti-poverty strategies both at the national and EU levels.  They help to:   Guarantee a minimum standard of living and a decent life for…


Access to Essential Services Report

How important is equal access to essential services, and how does this impact the socio economic inclusion of EU citizens? Does digitalisation serve as an opportunity, or barrier? What is the link between a minimum income and equal access to essential services? The EAPN Access to Essential Services report is the result of dedicated sessions of structured…