Working towards a Socially Inclusive and Poverty-proof Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic | EAPN Assessment

We are presenting our assessment of the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy (ASGS) 2021 and of the EC proposal for a Joint Employment Report (JER) 2021. Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy 2021 The four dimensions of the ASGS 2020 – environmental sustainability, productivity, fairness and macroeconomic stability – remain the guiding principles for the ASGS 2021. The…


Poverty Watch Estonia | Poverty Watches 2020 Overview

Instead of hunger and homelessness, Estonia’s poverty is increasingly expressed as inequality, remoteness, loneliness, lack of opportunities and uncertainty about the future. Poverty isn’t only material nor is it only expressed in income disparities. It also means being deprived of freedom of choice. Poverty Watch Main Findings Main challenges Those in need do not receive sufficient services prescribed…

EAPN Poverty Watch 2020 Cover image

“COVID-19 Supercharging Poverty” | EAPN Poverty Watch 2020

Poverty Watch 2020 launch On 29 January 2021, we launched our EU Poverty Watch 2020. The Poverty Watches start from the reality of people experiencing poverty and the perspectives of NGOs who work with them. With poverty predicted to rise to at least levels seen in the 2008 crisis, and the EU Action Plan on the…