Semester Alliance sees CSRs as insufficient to address inclusive growth

Brussels, 25/06/2014 – The Semester Alliance, a broad European coalition bringing together environmental, social and equality NGOs and trade unions, releases its initial assessment of the European Commission’s proposals on Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs) in view of the European Heads of States meeting on 26-27 June. Whilst welcoming some progress on more inclusive and sustainable CSRs, it is still seriously undermined by macroeconomic priorities focusing almost exclusively on austerity and competitiveness. The Semester Alliance also highlights the importance of increasing involvement of civil-society stakeholders, still seriously lacking in the CSR process.


EAPN participates in EESC panel – From Active Inclusion to Social Investment

16/06/2014 – EAPN was invited to a conference on Active Inclusion to Social Investment in Brussels, co- organized by the European Economic and Social Committee and Eurofound, aiming at focusing on the measures taken at European level to step up active inclusion and social investment. Barbara Helfferich, Director of EAPN, participated in the panel on the social policy agenda: from active inclusion to social investment, which followed the keynote speech by Social Affairs Commissioner Laslo Andor.


EAPN releases its 10 arguments in support of Active Inclusion

18/06/2014 – Active Inclusion is a strategy developed by the European Commission in 2008 and is designed to support people of working age who are experiencing social exclusion to live a life in dignity and help them move towards a decent job or to get more confidence and skills to participate more actively in their communities. However, little progress has been made in providing an integrated comprehensive strategy for active inclusion which combines adequate minimum support, inclusive labour market with access to quality services. In this short leaflet, EAPN gives 10 indisputable arguments for an integrated active-inclusion strategy, to reduce poverty, exclusion and inequalities and to enable everyone to live a decent life and participate in society.