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Structural Funds: Making a difference to tackle exclusion


Since the 90s, EAPN has been involved in lobbying the EU institutions to promote a legal framework for Structural Funds, which places the fight against poverty and social exclusion at its core. EAPN National Networks and European Organisations worked closely to for a stronger NGO involvement in the Structural Funds process, at national and European level, and to provide timely information for a better access of NGOs to all stages of Structural Funds.

The 3 main activities of EAPN in the field of Cohesion Policy can be summed up as following:

  • To inform and raise awareness on the new developments on SF for ensuring a proper engagement of EAPN National Networks in Structural Funds at national level. For more information, see here.
  • To organise capacity-building/ share of expertise to make access to Structural Funds easier for NGOs. For more information, please ask the secretariat.
  • To influence and help EAPN National Networks influencing the Structural Funds’ processes both at national and EU level (from the design to the monitoring). For more information, see here.

EAPN together with 19 other social NGOs is ran in 2012-2013 the joint campaign EU Money for Poverty Reduction, NOW!

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