Dear members,

Welcome on EAPN’s members’ room.

On the right hand-side of this page, the blue column lists all sections of EAPN’s members’ room.

Here is a short overview of what they contain. Only relevant information is indicated, ie at internal level, so as not to duplicate the information on the public site.

  • The Governing Bodies correspond to all matters related to EAPN’s General Assembly, Executive Committee and Bureau. Click on Governing Bodies to access the pages dedicated to each of them.
  • The EOs page stands for European Organisations, members of EAPN. Meeting documents can be found there.
  • The EU ISG (EU Inclusion Strategies Group) is EAPN’s policy working group, which provides mutual support to Networks for the development of National Strategies and plans to fight poverty and will engage with EU Institutional arrangements and Strategies.
  • EAPN Task Forces are time-bound and outcome orientated working groups, to progress on particular aspects of our policy, development and communications work. Each task force has its own page, updated by the chair of the task force jointly with someone from the Secretariat.
  • The page dedicated to development gathers work issues of participation, funding, evaluation, capacity building and enlargement of the network.
  • Under Useful Tools, you will find the Calendar of Meetings and the Strategic Plan and Work Programmes.
  • Under Campaigning together, you’ll find internal information related to our campaigning activities.
  • Under Communication, you will find all items related to communications work in EAPN (communications strategy, work programme, meetings of EAPN’s EXCO Subgroup on Communications) but also useful tools and tips! (List of EAPN’s communications tools, tips, media guide, social media links & tutorials etc)


Pointers to public parts of the site useful for members

  • The “EAPN Learning Forum“ is a several-day event dedicated mostly to the exchange and mutual learning between members. A first edition was held in 2013 and the report can be found here.
  • Links to pages for our Annual Lobbying conferences are under the EUIS Group Documents page.
  • See What We Do > Projects, for an up-to-date introduction to the projects, past and present, which EAPN is involved in.
  • See What We Do > Campaigns & Alliances > Alliances, for information related to the alliances EAPN is involved in.
  • Policy Toolkits are under News & Publications > Publications > EAPN Policy tooklits & briefings.
  • The News & Publications menu includes a section explaining EU jargon.
  • The What Is Poverty? menu includes a section with Sources of information of EU data.

Should you have any question, comment, suggestion or request, please don’t hesitate to contact us on, or phone +32-2-226.58.50 if urgent.

We encourage all members to send us news to publish in the Flash newsletter – all that information also ends up on the news section. National networks get their news on the front page as well.


Have you noticed that EAPN’s website has a Google translate button on the bottom left corner? (on the external website and on the members’ room here). You can select any EU language! Note this is an automatic-translation engine – the outcome is not perfect but still very handy!

Wishing you a fruitful search, as well as a learning and pleasant trip on this side of the website!