EAPN Policy toolkits & Briefings

In this section, you will find different tool kits EAPN drafted in order to provide EU social NGOs useful information and ideas in different fields related to the fight against poverty and social exclusion.

Toolkit on engaging with Europe 2020 and the European Semester

In March 2017, EAPN issued this Toolkit designed to help EAPN National Networks and European Organisations to engage with the European Semester in 2017, namely National Reform Programmes (NRPs), Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs), and Country Reports. It aims at providing brief, to-the-point information about the processes and the opportunities for engagement, by clarifying the key elements, timeline, and strategic actors of the process, as well as giving links and suggesting different ways of involvement.

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Final case study report

In February 2015, As part of the ‘DRIVERS for Health Equity’ project, EAPN published a report and synthesis of case-study evidence on income and social protection, which is a joint EAPN and Centre for health Equity Studies (CHESS) work. Authored by Fiona McHardy with Olle Lundberg, this research undertook a case study approach exploring in a comparative country context, the impact of social protection system, both operations and provisions, on health inequality, in Hungary, Poland, UK, Sweden and Portugal. The publication also includes a very useful EAPN toolkit on how to develop focus groups (Annex 2 – Page 31). 

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Toolkit on structural funds for social NGOs

In May 2014, EAPN finalized its toolkit to support its National Networks to make use of the European Social Fund in their fight against poverty. Giving straight-to-the point information on how to proceed to influence and monitor partnership agreements and operational programmes, it also provides lists of useful contacts and a useful glossary of terms.

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Toolkit on structural funds for social NGOs

At the end of 2012, EAPN published a toolkit for its national networks and for other social NGOs, to support their advocacy work and help them press their National Authorities to prioritise the new social targets of Europe 2020, and especially the poverty reduction target.

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Social inclusion

The Europe 2020 Strategy

Older toolkits for the Lisbon Strategy

  • Engaging in the Lisbon National Reform Programmes – 2008-10: This tool kit is to help EAPN National Networks engage with the process this year, and to press for a stronger focus on social inclusion at all level. The tool kit gives all the quotes from key documents as well as some proposed EAPN demands, and good examples from different networks. It also gives you links to key documents and contacts.
  • Engaging in the Lisbon National Reform Programmes 2007: This tool kit is designed to help national networks engage with the National Reform Programme (2006-8) of the revised Lisbon Strategy and provides specific information on the 2007 Implementation Report. It primarily focuses on the Employment guidelines but makes reference to the macro and micro elements.

Structural Funds

Poverty (General)