EAPN 2018 Future Of Europe Position Cover

A social Europe is crucial for the fight against poverty

EAPN must be involved in the discussion on the Future of Europe because there is much at stake.

What is the Future of Europe

The Conference on the Future of Europe is set to be organised by Parliament, Council and Commission and was expected to start in May 2020 and run for two years. Due the COVID19 the three institutions have not yet agreed on procedures for the conference.


Why EAPN focuses on the Future of Europe

EAPN engaged with the Future of Europe discussions during the Juncker Commissions. It remains important for NGOs to engage with this conference, to ensure that the voices of organised civil society and of people experiencing poverty are meaningfully taken into account throughout the conference. There is much at stake, and the conference is an opportunity to influence the political direction of Europe.


How EAPN is working on the Future of Europe

Our work on the Future of Europe is member led, by a group consisting of EAPN Netherlands, EAPN Spain, EAPN France, EAPN Czechia, EAPN Croatia, EAPN Ireland and SMES. The work is supported by the Director.