Our work is carried out by our members, split into specific statutory and working groups. These groups feed into our European level work their national perspectives, individual expertise or the specific focus of the European organisation they are affiliated to.

EAPN Members

EAPN is a network of national networks of voluntary organisations and grassroots groups active in the fight against poverty within each member state of the EU. Members of the national networks take active part in all of the work of EAPN.

EAPN is also made up of various European organisations whose main activities are related to the fight against poverty and social exclusion. They take active part in the work of the different working groups depending on their expertise.

See our members’ page with links to national networks and European organisations.


The General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) brings together all the members of EAPN and is the highest authority of EAPN. It adopts the EAPN’s annual work programme and sets policies guidelines and priorities for the organization. It adopts the annual budget, as well as ratifying the Executive Committee.



The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, headed by the president of EAPN, is made up of a representative of each national network as well as 4 representatives of European member organisations. It is its responsibility to propose the General Assembly’s (GA) work programme, to execute the GA’s decisions, as well as to appoint a Bureau. In addition, the Executive Committee adopts issue-specific policy papers and decides on lobbying actions.

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The Bureau

The Bureau consists of the President and 6 Vice-Presidents acting collectively to manage the smooth operation of the affairs of the EAPN, manifested by its Executive Committee and staff.

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EAPN Europe Staff

The EAPN Europe Staff is responsible for the stimulating and co-ordination of the activities, sharing the information and the financial and administrative aspects of the EAPN Network. It provides support to all of EAPN’s bodies and informs them about relevant EU policy developments. It is also the job of the Brussels Staff to develop and implement the work programme, to organise meetings, facilitate networking and capacity building between the EAPN’s members and develop external partnerships and alliances.

See the EAPN Europe Staff with contact details


EU Inclusion Strategies Group

The EU Inclusion Strategies Group (EUIS Group) is the decision-making EAPN working group which will drive EAPN policy and lobbying work on EU Inclusion Strategies, at national and EU level. It meets three times a year (2 days) and is formed by 1 member from each national network (backed by a permanent substitute) and representatives from some European Organisations. The Group is supported by the Secretariat.

See the list of members with contact details