EAPN is a network of 32 national networks of voluntary organisations and grassroots groups active in the fight against poverty within the Member States of the EU, Norway, Iceland, Serbia and Macedonia, and of 13 European organisations whose main activities are related to the fight against poverty and social exclusion.

How to become a member?

EAPN welcomes new members whose main and explicit purpose is to empower people facing poverty and social exclusion:

  • If you are part of an NGO involved in the fight against poverty in a Member State of the European Union, EEA or in a pre-accession country, we encourage you to be in touch with the National Network in your country or with one of the European Organisations specialising in your area of activity (see list above). You can also contact EAPN Europe Staff directly.
  • If your organisation works at European level, please contact the EAPN Europe Staff. EAPN will send you in return the specific application requirements.