EAPN is a member driven organisation and our members inform and define priorities for our work. In this attempt, EAPN is constantly revising and developing its approach towards supporting its members and strengthening their capacities.  

In our approach to capacity building we are focusing on the following areas, which we consider to be important pillars for strong national anti-poverty networks:

  • Influencing national governments for better policies: advocacy, lobbying and policy-making linked to European level developments
  • Participation of people experiencing poverty and social exclusion in internal and external workings of national networks
  • Development and growth of national networks (communications, fundraising, attracting new members)
  • Good governance and strong internal democracy

How we work with our members?

  • We have a Membership Development Group (MDG) made of seven members that are also part of the Executive Committee of EAPN that is guiding us in the development and realization of capacity building activities.
  • We organise online and offline trainings for our members.
  • We organise support visits to national networks

For more information, please contact  Magda Tancău (Development Officer)