EESC | Grassroots organisations from Germany and Finland win first prize in the EESC 2015 Civil Society Prize for combating poverty

10/12/2015 – The five winning initiatives present snap-shots of what is being done by thousands of voluntary groups and NGOs across Europe. Each of the projects tackles the 2015 theme “Combating poverty” in its own way and demonstrates that poverty undermines all aspects of well-being in society, including education, long-term health, housing, access to employment and family relationships.

Nationale Armutskonferenz Deutschland (National Anti-Poverty conference Germany)

The German Anti Poverty Conference is a confederation made of national welfare associations, associations working on special social issues, self-help organizations and of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB). The conference was founded in autumn of 1991 as the German section of the European Anti Poverty Network.   Contact Details Nationale Armutskonferenz c/o Diözesancaritasverband für…