Nobody left behind | EAPN Booklet on Services

EAPN publishes its new booklet “Nobody left behind | Ensuring access for all to affordable, quality housing & public health services”. EAPN members are increasingly alarmed about the declining access to affordable, quality public services (Services of General Interest) for ordinary people, in the context of increasing privatization and liberalization. With the onset of the…

INHERIT is looking for ‘triple win’ ideas for a more sustainable future

The Intersectoral Health and Environment Research for Innovation (INHERIT) project is looking at the links between our living, moving or consuming patterns and the environment, our health and equity. This large scale Horizon 2020 initiative, coordinated by EuroHealthNet, brings together experts from the health, environment and other sectors, including technology, to investigate policies, practices and…

EAPN Latvia Organises Protest on Mayday

On May 1 Leaders of EAPN-Latviac organised a protest in collaboration with the Latvian Free Trade Union and with the support of the National Assembly “On decent work, healthcare and education in Latvia”. The demonstration was held in the Doma square in Riga. Here are some pictures of the event:   2016-Mayday-EAPN-Latvia-Pic12016-Mayday-EAPN-Latvia-Pic22016-Mayday-EAPN-Latvia-Pic3  

FNARS (Member of EAPN France) | The social challenge of the draft legislation on health must remain!

29/10/2015 – whereas Senators just voted on a new version of the draft legislation on health, civil-society organisations stress the need to take into account the importance of access to healthcare for all. This reform is a key opportunity to finally tackle health inequalities. They call on MPs to amend the text accordingly.