The European Meetings of People Experiencing Poverty contribute to the right of people living in poverty to participate in and access information relating to the decision-making processes that affect their lives and well-being. The European meeting is the most visible point in the process of fostering this but perhaps even more important is the fact that they act as a catalyst for national participation processes.

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EU PeP Meeting 2022 – The unbearable cost of living

The 20th edition of the European Meeting of People Experiencing Poverty (PeP) took place from 29th to 30th November 2022 in Brussels, Belgium under the title ‘The unbearable cost of living’.

The 20th edition of the European Meeting of People Experiencing Poverty (PeP) explored challenges and solutions linked to the unbearably high cost of living caused by the multiple crises we have been facing: the economic crisis, climate crisis, the war in Ukraine and aftermath of the Corona crisis.

The meeting was an occasion for 100+ people experiencing poverty from about 30 different countries across Europe to have their voices heard, to connect with politicians and decision makers, and inform policymaking processes at European level on the impact of the cost of living crisis on people’s lives.

The meeting took place at KBR, the Royal Library of Belgium and combined plenary sessions with interactive workshops and a short visibility action.

For further information, please contact Magda Tancau (Membership Development & Participation Officer) at

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ARTE France ran a short report using content from the PeP meeting. You can watch this report by clicking on the link below.

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