FNARS (member of EAPN France): What solutions for the homeless, bactk toe street from 31 March?

19/03/2014 – March 31st marks the end of the winter break, which means evictions suspended during winter will resume and emergency winter accomodation facilities closing down. While figures of the Barometer 115 for the month of February 2014 show an extreme saturation of the accommodation in the 37 departments studied with only 44% of accommodation requests that were responded to (55% in Paris), several hundreds of places will close down on March 31 without any solution for people. 

Inequality: Consequences for society, politics and people: 5-6 March 2014, European Parliament

05/06/03/2014 – EAPN participated in this important and well-attended conference, held in the European Parliament on the 5-6 March, organized by the Progressive Economy Forum and the Social and Democrats Alliance (S&D). The conference analysed the causes and the consequences of the crisis before looking at key priorities for action. Key speakers included Professor Joseph Stigliz, James K Galbraith, Martin Schulz, Jean-Paul Fitoussi, and Kate Pickett (co-author of the Spirit level), followed by detailed workshop discussions on recent academic papers and evening round table debates. Stigliz called inequality “the key problem of our time, which is growing across the globe, conditioned by a wrong economic model. But it´s not just about economics – policies count……how we responded to the crisis has made things worse. Economic inequality leads to political inequality, which leads to new rules of the game that produce more inequality…. The rules of the game in the end are about distribution and redistribution”.