EAPN speaks in Final Conference of SOPHIE Project: Impact of social and economic policies on health inequalities

01/10/2015 – On 29 September 2015, the researchers of the FP7 funded SOPHIE Project held a Conference during which they presented key findings of the research through moderated discussions with representatives of the European civil society and EU Institutions. The Project evaluated the impact of current social and economic policies on health inequalities in Europe with focus on the following areas: macroeconomic policies, welfare state, labour market, built environment, housing, gender and migration. The conclusions of the project bring data-based evidence reaffirming that restrictions and liberalisation of the EU economic and social policies in times of the recession and austerity measures have negative impact on the well-being of people. Sian Jones, Policy Coordinator at EAPN, discussant on the Panel on ‘Crisis, Austerity, Welfare and Employment’, welcomed the findings that good-quality social protection systems mitigated the impact of austerity and reduced health inequalities.