In the Strategic Plan 2008-2011, EAPN members decided to address the question of financing for National Networks (NNs). To start addressing this question, a Planning Group on Sustainable Financing for National Networks was established. The Group will look at the challenges NNs face in fundraising and develop proposals to help them overcome these challenges.

The main aims of the Sustainable Financing Group are:
(1) to identify challenges and obstacles to sustainable financing of NNs;
(2) the structures and tools that need to be put in place;
(3) help exchange on the practices and experiences of NNs on fundraising and financial issues; and
(4) develop recommendations guiding NNs in strengthening their funding capacity.

  • Contact person for the Sustainable Finances for National Networks Group from the EAPN Secretariat: Tanya Basarab –
  • See the table with contact details for all the group’s members.

This questionnaire is the starting point in the process, which we hope will bring out the many different practices and tips that NNs could share with each other on how to deal with a specific financing question. Go here to read the answers.


EAPN 2011 Seminar on Funding for NNs: Building a Projects Approach

Brussels, 3 June 2011

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EAPN Seminar on Funding for National Networks

Brussels, 19-20 March 2010


Meeting 2 of the Sustainable Finances for National Networks Group

Brussels, 6 November 2009

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Meeting 1 of the Sustainable Finances for National Networks Group

Brussels, 22 July 2009


EAPN Seminar on Strengthening the Funding Capacity of National Networks

Brussels, 8-9 May 2009

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