EAPN commemorates International Day for the Eradication of Poverty – National news!

  • EAPN Portugal: a full agenda of activities from 10 to 27 Oct! and the IVth Meeting of People experiencing poverty on employability this year
  • EAPN Spain and the Alliance against Poverty: Cuts generate poverty – Stand against it!
  • EAPN Luxembourg: a large event on 17 October, Fighting the violence and poverty and committing for peace
  • BAPN (EAPN Belgium): 30/09 demonstration “Prosperity is a right for all – Stop poverty and inequalities!”
  • Dynamo International, along with BAPN (EAPN Belgium) and RWLP (EAPN Wallonia): Conference and debate on 16/10 in the European Parliament on Roma populations in Europe 
  • EAPN Germany: report on poverty and press conference at Bahnof Zoo