EAPN President Sergio Aires speaks at Colloquium of GDF-Suez European Observatory on Energy and Water Scarcity

28/11 – Sergio Aires, President of EAPN, spoke at the Colloquium of the GDF-Suez European Observatory on Energy and Water Scarcity. He stressed the crucial need for a European and national integrated approaches to tackle energy poverty embracing its 3 causes: lack of adequate minimum income, rise in energy prices and poor energy efficiency in housing. He…

EAPN takes part in EU Equality Summit

22-23/11 – Fintan Farrell, Director of EAPN, spoke in the workshop on employment and inclusion at the EU Equality Summit, organised by the Cypriot Presidency. He emphasized the link between discrimination and poverty and stressed that unless we address the growing levels on income inequalities (and the resulting levels of poverty) that the impact of this reality will undermine all the good work done in relation to anti-discrimination. This message was very strongly picked up in the conclusions of the Summit.