EAPN Speaks in Social Europe? NEUJOBS ‘brainstorming’ workshop

07/10 – Sian Jones, EAPN Policy coordinator, intervened in Whither the Social Europe? 2nd NEUJOBS ‘brainstorming’ workshop at CEPS in Brussels, on the results of key research results from the NEUJOBs project funded through FP7. Key themes discussed included social Europe in the aftermath of the crisis, social services of general interest, emerging social  dilemmas and longer term challenges.

EAPN participates in Human Inner Design Conference: Shaping a new role for European Citizens and Institutions in Time of Change

06/11 – EAPN participated in  a foreward-looking conference in the European Parliament, organized by Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti together with the Learning for Well-Being Alliance and Eurochild. The conference aimed to identify new opportunities to promote learning for well being for children and adults: a better understanding of how people work (their interior world) and to promote a change in education/training systems to encourage new skills which can help people to better manage change,  create pro-active and pro-social attitudes.