Welcome to the website of the European Meetings of People experiencing Poverty (PeP)

We are delighted to welcome you on this new website dedicated to PeP Meetings, compiling all the information related to this year’s Meeting but also to the past Meetings. The 13th European Meeting of People experiencing  Poverty (PeP) will take place from 22 to 24 September 2014 in Brussels.   The theme of this Year’s meeting is funding the fight against poverty and in particular will look at the use of Structural Funds as part of the key European Funds available. The European Meeting is only the tip of the iceberg and many national and local events and initiatives feed into and follow up from the European meetings.


A common approach to minimum income schemes in the EU?

Mark the dates! 30 national conferences to discuss Minimum Income Schemes in the EU #eminetwork – Social insecurity is growing in Europe. European states, once hailed as models of comprehensive social protection systems, are undergoing dramatic reforms. What is happening to the European dream and model of quality employment and high-level social protection? This question is closely linked to the quality of minimum income schemes in European countries.

What’s happened to Inclusion, Poverty and Participation?

EAPN welcomes Marianne Thyssen as designate Commissioner but is concerned by the loss of inclusion and civil-society engagement

Brussels, 12 September 2014 – The European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) welcomes Marianne Thyssen as designate Commissioner, and hopes that she will work actively with anti-poverty organisations and people with direct experience of poverty, to defend social objectives and support an effective integrated strategy on poverty to deliver on the poverty target, particularly through Europe 2020 and the Semester. However, EAPN is concerned by the loss of Inclusion and the absence of civil-society engagement from the DG Title.