Right to water | Recognition of the human rights to water and sanitation by UN Member States

04/05/2015 – All UN Member States have recognised that the human right to water and the human right to sanitation are part of binding international human rights law. This publication by Amnesty International and WASH United gathers the evidence of the universal recognition of the human rights to water and sanitation. It gives an overview of the most important resolutions and declarations that recognise the human rights to water and sanitation, including the positions that individual states have taken when those documents were adopted.

2015 Human rights as an answer to the social damage of the crisis

07-08/05/2015 – EAPN spoke in Alliances to Fight Poverty/ Re-InVEST Seminar, May 7-8, Madrid. How can we make Europe more social, democratic and sustainable? How useful are existing instruments, like the Annual Growth Survey, the European Semester, the Juncker investment plan? Secondly, are human rights an useful tool? And how must they be implemented? The seminar was delivered as part of the new Re-INVEST project, financed by Horizon 2020, aiming to reframe the social investment approach as a strategy to humanize Europe.