Eurochild | Child poverty: European Parliament adopts long overdue resolution

25/11/2015 – Eurochild welcomes the adoption of the European Parliament Resolution Reducing inequalities with a special focus on child poverty by rapporteur Inês Cristina Zuber. The resolution, adopted today by large majority is the formal endorsement of the 2013 European Commission Recommendation Investing in Children: Breaking the cycle of disadvantage. This is the first EP resolution specifically on child poverty since 2008.

EP |Micro-loans: helping people out of unemployment and poverty

10/11/2015 – Microloans help people in difficult social circumstances to find their way out of unemployment and poverty. Although generally associated with South Asia and Latin America, where the first initiatives were launched four decades ago, they are also increasingly used in Europe. In 2010, the EU launched the European Progress Microfinance Facility to improve conditions for borrowers to obtain small loans. On Tuesday the EP’s employment committee votes on a report concerning its implementation.

Help us end child poverty – Encourage your MEPs to sign Written Declaration on #investinginchildren

More than 1 in four children live at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the EU, totaling 26 million children. Children living in poverty are at higher risk of poor health, not finishing school, worsened relationships with peers and unable to reach their full potential in life. 11 MEPs have launched an initiative at the European Parliament to collect signatures to support a declaration on investing in children (number 0042/2015). Eurochild is supporting this initiative by urging European parliamentarians to show their support to ending this tragic cycle by signing the declaration. As a member of the Investing in Children Alliance led by Eurochild, EAPN fully supports the Written Declaration on Investing in Children. Make a difference, write your Member(s) of Parliamentand encourage them to sign the Declaration!