#On Our Watch EU: assessing the work of the European Parliament since 2014

What are the achievements of the European Parliament in the fight against social exclusion, poverty and discrimination? Have the MEPs kept their promises and made some progress since their election in 2014? In 2013- 2014 the EAPN launched the campaign Electing Champions for a Social Europe to encourage political candidates in the European parliamentary elections…


EU Money for Poverty Reduction Now (2012-2013)

The 20% Campaign “EU Money for Poverty Reduction NOW!” (2012-2013) Contact persons: Vincent (vincent.caron@eapn.eu) and Nellie (nellie.epinat@eapn.eu) EAPN launched its 20% campaign on 15.05.12 with a petition to collect signatures on http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/EU_Money_for_Poverty_Reduction_NOW_1/. On the 2013-2020 programming period, this petition called on Member States to back the European Commission’s proposal to allocate 25% of the Cohesion…


our campaign’s page 2012-2013: EU Money for Poverty Reduction NOW!

Nearly 1 in 4 persons is in or at risk of poverty and/or social exclusion in the EU.

Member States must respect their commitments and allocate the necessary funds to the fight against poverty.



As concerned citizens, we call on Presidents and Prime Ministers of EU Member States to respect the commitment they made when agreeing the EU poverty−reduction target! We urge them to invest EU Money for poverty reduction now by:

  • Allocating at least 25% of the Cohesion Policy budget to the European Social Fund (ESF)
  • Earmarking at least 20% of the European Social Fund to poverty reduction and social inclusion.



This section refers to all the relevant information related to our campaigns.  PAST CAMPAIGNS Electing Champions for a Social Europe! (2013-2014) The overall goal of this campaign was to impact on the European elections by getting the support and commitment of candidates numerous enough to make a change, pressuring for a shift back to a…