Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform (MAPP) working on Youth in 2014

21/02/2014 – The Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform (MAPP) has created and started implementing a youth policy through a multi sectoral approach. In order to meet youth needs and interests, MAPP’s goal is to promote youth organizing, establishing measures and recommendations associated with young people and their activities, strengthening their participation in the public life and informing them.

EYCA 2013 Alliance: Policy Recommendations call for solidarity, equality and participation

20/02/2014 – EAPN participated to the EYCA 2013 alliance plenary meeting organized at the EESC in Brussels. EAPN has taken an active role in the EYCA (European Year for Citizens Alliance) from its inception in June 2012. The main aim of the EYC is to give European citizenship its full meaning and scope to ensure a meaningful citizens’ participation in the democratic like of the European Union. The alliance is an informal coordination of 62 EU NGO platforms and civil society actors as well as 22 national coalitions.  It policy recommendations were finalized and publically presented during the Closing Conference of the Alliance in Vilnius last December 2013. EAPN heavily contributed to them to ensure that people experiencing poverty and social exclusion can really play their role as citizens by being fully integrated in society.

URBACT III (2014-2020): EAPN participates in EU-level consultation meeting

19/02/2014 – EAPN participated to the EU-level consultation meeting on URBACT III (2014-2020) organized in Brussels and aimed at finalizing the Operational Programme. The URBACT programme is the EU programme co-funded by ERDF and Member States to help cities to build their capacities on sustainable urban development and develop and implement strategies and local action plans around this issue.