Electing CHAMPIONS for a Social Europe: A Call for Commitment

EAPN launches its campaign around the European elections to get candidates commitment to the fight against poverty, social exclusion and inequalities and encourage voters to get heard

Brussels, 04/03/2014 – Today, the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) launches its European-wide campaign Elections for a Social Europe, ahead of the European Elections next 22-25 May, mobilizing hundreds of European, national and local organizations, calling on the candidates to the elections to commit to make the fight against poverty, social exclusion and inequalities a priority item on the European agenda, and on people… to vote! Several MEPs have committed to and signed EAPN’s pledge. The campaign launch coincided with a press briefing this morning gathering MEPs, European and Belgian media and civil-society organizations.


04/03 Mark the date! Press breakfast briefing with MEPs and candidates to the European Elections!

This Tuesday 04/03, EAPN and its members are launching their campaign Electing Champions for a social Europe in a press breakfast briefing with several confirmed MEPs and candidates, as well as representatives and other civil-society organisations. EAPN will present its 2014 Elections manifesto, campaign objectives and activities as well as the pledge MEPs will be asked to make in fighting poverty, social exclusion and inequalities. This launch will also be a key opportunity for civil-society organisations to exchange with MEPs on their views and commitments.EAPN’s campaign manifesto on the 2014 European Elections calls on candidates to show their commitment and sign up to the following pledge: