Recommendations for EU policy to address ‘push-backs’ of migrants’ rights in Greece

20/03/2014 – A joint group of civil society organisations and EU leaders today called for action on EU level to address the daily human rights violations experienced by migrants in Greece, at the borders, in detention and on the streets, including push-backs, unlawful detention, violence and exploitation. The organisations urge European Union policy makers and representatives to take joint responsibility, along with the Greek government, for addressing the challenges there. To address these issues, EU networks and Greek NGOs have released today their joint “Recommendations to the European Union to Urgently Address Criminalisation and Violence Against Migrants in Greece”.

Investing in children alliance

EU Alliance for Investing in Children – No inclusive growth with increasing child poverty

10/03/2014 – There are 26,5 million children across the European Union at risk of poverty or social exclusion – half a million more than a year ago – and the economic, financial and social crisis is only putting even more children at risk. On the occasion of the EPSCO Council Meeting on 10 March, the EU Alliance for Investing in Children emphasises that tackling and preventing child poverty and social exclusion are key to achieving the Europe 2020 headline targets.

Commission lacks ambition in replying to first European Citizens’ Initiative

19/03/2014 –  The European Commission (EC) published a Communication today that gives its official response to the first successful European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) which called on the EC “to implement the human right to water and sanitation in European law.” In the Communication, the European Commission does recall the importance of the human right to water and sanitation and states the importance of water as a public good and fundamental value and that “water is not a commercial product.” However, that’s as far as it goes.

APF Malta welcomes Green Paper ‘A Framework for Poverty Reduction and for Social Inclusion’

18/03/2014 – APF Malta welcomes the Green Paper ‘A Framework for Poverty Reduction and for Social Inclusion’ issued by the Maltese Government, with satisfaction and considers this document as an important step to combat poverty and social exclusion. The Green Paper stands as a thorough and positive roadmap to tackle this reality. As a network of NGOs working with people experiencing poverty, APF Malta collected feedback from all member organisations on this Green Paper and forwarded feedback to the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity.