Press release: Not only banks need financial backing: Policies to tackle poverty and social exclusion do too!

Brussels, 15 October 2008 – At the opening today in Marseilles of the Round table on poverty and social exclusion where the key item for discussion is the active Inclusion strategy for the people furthest from the labour market, EAPN warns: If the EU leaders are serious about this Active Inclusion agenda they must commit to invest in policies to tackle poverty and social exclusion.


Press release: EU 2010 Year against poverty and social exclusion: EAPN puts forward concrete proposals in order to ensure a lasting legacy capable of delivering a decent life for all

Brussels, 30 September 2008 – The EU 2010 Year for combating poverty and social exclusion must be a catalyst to step up a gear in the fight against poverty and to ensure a decent life for all. This is the main message that came out of the EAPN’s General Assembly (25-27 September, Bulgaria)…

Press release: People in poverty shouldn’t have to choose between heating and eating!: EAPN, CECODHAS and EPSU urge the Parliament to take urgent action against Energy Poverty

Brussels, 17 June 2008 – Tomorrow, the European Parliament will vote in its plenary session in Strasbourg on amendments to the Energy Package. EAPN, CECODHAS and EPSU fully support the important amendments which are being put forward pressing for EU definition and national action plans on Energy Poverty…

Press release: Comment mieux intégrer les personnes les plus éloignées du marché de l’emploi ? Les ONG de lutte contre la pauvreté présentent leurs propositions à  la future présidence française de l’UE

A l’occasion d’un séminaire qui s’est tenu aujourd’hui à Paris, EAPN France ainsi que des représentants d’ONG de lutte contre la pauvreté venus des quatre coins de l’Europe ont présenté, en présence de Martin Hirsch, Haut commissaire aux Solidarités actives contre la pauvreté,  leurs propositions quant aux principes visant à promouvoir l’inclusion active des personnes les plus éloignées du marché du travail.