EAPN 2018 Conference Social Protection Visual

EAPN Policy conference 2018: Social Protection for All! How can the Social Pillar and SDGs build stronger welfare states?

EAPN’s 2018 annual conference was held on 5 July, under the title Social Protection for All! How can the Social Pillar and SDGs build stronger welfare states? The conference exchanged together on the following questions: What is Social Protection for all?   How can we ensure that all people, children, adults and older people get…

Well attended EMIN conference in Zagreb | EAPN Croatia

On 20 February, EAPN Croatia organised, together with their Minimum Income Network partners, a very successful conference on Minimum Income Schemes in Croatia. The debates were very rich, the conference was well attended, and the media coverage was impressive: https://www.24sata.hr/galerija/galerija-518063?page=1&app_model=content.article&pk=5615  http://vijesti.hrt.hr/431112/u-hrvatskoj-svaki-peti-stanovnik-izlozen-riziku-od-siromastv http://balkans.aljazeera.net/vijesti/petina-stanovnika-hrvatske-u-riziku-od-siromastv http://www.index.hr/mobile/clanak.aspx?category=vijesti&id=102721   http://m.vijesti.ba/clanak/394744/hrvatska-svaki-peti-stanovnik-izlozen-siromastvu https://dnevnik.hr/vijesti/hrvatska/svjetski-dan-socijalne-pravde-svaki-peti-stanovnik-hrvatske-izlozen-riziku-od-siromastva—507419.html  https://www.cropix.hr/index.php?menuid=gallery_cropix&gid=115281 http://hr.n1info.com/a282010/Vijesti/U-Hrvatskoj-svaki-peti-stanovnik-u-riziku-od-siromastva.html    

EAPN calls for implementation of poverty target and EU framework Directive on minimum income at European Parliament Employment Committee Hearing

12/10/2015 – Sian Jones, EAPN Policy Coordinator spoke as expert witness in the Employment Committee Hearing for Tamas Meszerics’ own-initiative report “Meeting the Anti-Poverty Target in light of increasing Household Costs”. EAPN called for the poverty target to be confirmed and implemented, putting Europe 2020 at the heart of the Semester, with an explicit integrated…